Sunday, March 21, 2010

Johnny Guitar/Two Mules

The movie “Two Mules for Sister Sara” was released in 1970. In the movie Sara who is originally a prostitute, acts to be a nun since the beginning of the movie and disguise Hogan. She knows that she need help, she needed to be protected in the vast, scary desert. So she disguises him and takes his help. In turn, she also plays a decisive role at many different occasions. She helps Hogan, save his life at a number of occasions. She makes plans and gives ideas about how to attack the French. All in all, we can see both the characteristics in Sara. She is a traditional woman who needs help and also, she is the new rising woman, who is ready to take action and raise her voice and give opinion.
In the movie Johnny Guitar, which released in 1954 we see two female characters dominate the entire movie; Vienna and Emma. In the movie we can see that these two women play the role of the Alpha Male cowboy and the actual men are in the back drop. We see that Vienna builds her own casino and a place outside of the town. She is not scared even though the town people and the Marshal come and threaten her an ask her to shut it down. She is not at all scared, she knows that she is right and continues doing what she feels is right. She has men who are working for her and help her run her casino business. At the same time, we see Emma who is another string character in the movie, has a lot of influence on all the town people. She keeps influencing everyone and misleading so that she can get what she wants. At the end of the movie when all the town people go searching for the “Kid” and his associates, Emma does not sit back at home like all the other women do, she goes with everyone. She emerges as a very strong and influential woman.
We see that, women who played a very minute role in society during the earlier decades had then become a very significant part, important and influential part in the society. At the same time in the US there was the women’s rights movement that demanded for equal rights for men and women. Women had gained significant importance in the society.

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