Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day of the Outlaw Blog

In the Western film, The Day of the Outlaw we can see the change in the role of the woman. In this film women are still associated with the typical house wife personality, but they are given more respect than in other Western films. An example of this in the film was when Tex and Pace had to ask for permission to go after the girls. This shows that they are starting to make steps towards equality and have more power than women in other Westerns. Although the women are still on the sidelines in this film, they are treated with more respect by the men. Women in this movie also try to stand up to some of the outlaws, signaling a stronger woman being created in this film. During the time this film was created, the United States was starting to make steps towards gender equality. This shows the beginning of this era as the women slowly stand up to men and are treated with more respect. The women standing up to the outlaws in this film can be compared to women standing up for their rights in America. The women in the film and in America during the 1950's still are not even close to being equal to men, but this film shows the beginning steps of the women's equality movement.

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