Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Johnn Guitar/ Two mules for Sara

In the film Johnny Guitar the two most prevalent characters come from the “others” Emma and Vienna. Both robust women playing opposite roles, Vienna a saloon owner outside of town wishes to build her own town once the railroad is built. Living a life of immorality by sharing her bed with a robber, she shuns the numerous neighbors who are against the railroad track. They call the town officials which are led by the other leading female character Emma. The plot is not as important as the cast, the lead characters predominantly female. This is due to the timing of the movie, after World War II woman had proved their strength and earned their independence, this movie was created as a tribute to strong women. Although the alpha male in the movie is still projected as Johnny Guitar and he still holds the title of the film.
In the film Two Mules for Sister Sara, Sara a prostitute saves a man’s life (Hogan) twice, on two different occasions, this interchanges the role of damsel in distress, a far cry from Ethan’s niece in The Big Trail. Through being a prostitute Sara receives insight on the mentality of men and she uses it to influence men to follow her idea to attack the French fortress. But prostitution is not her only forte, but she also can act, and is manipulative enough to work the processes of a completely opposite job, a nun.
Both films correspond with the current times, women slowly but assuredly gaining more respect, women of different occupations, movies now show the plight of women and the hardships they go through due to patriarchal propaganda.

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