Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Day of the Outlaw

Love is infiltrated more into westerns due to the predominance of women, older generations of westerns revolved mostly on the interactions between alpha male and his comrades, the change in relationship status from men to men, to women to men shows the equal footing of both genders. Blaise the alpha male wants to win the love of his young love, yet she had moved on and married a farmer named Hal. Blaise expects to sweep Helen of her feet, without any considerations to her moral obligations to her martial spouse. But still pertaining to traditional values she maintains her loyalty to her husband, as she had said her vows. Choosing loyalty over lover, a factor most related to alpha males intimes of crisis. Due to the movie being made in 1959 five years before the civil rights act, women have began to get more equal footing, thus women now have the same obligations as men, and have the strength to stick by them.

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