Monday, March 22, 2010

Day of the Outlaw

“Day of the Outlaw” is a film that was released in the 1959. In this movie we see that women traditionally have the same role as that in any other Western. But we see that women have gained and now have a completely new social status and standing. Women were respected. They did all the traditional jobs, made food, washed clothes and everything. Women were respected. People cared about the honor of the women. Men did not use women as they used to do, meaning they did not treat them as sex toys.
In the movie we see at a number of times when “Tex” and “Pace” insisting “Bruhn” to give permission so that they could have sex with them. Time and again Bruhn denied their request. Also, in the movie, on the last say when they had a social night and the women were called over for dance, Tex tries to kiss one of the women and Bruhn notices that and stops him, and asks the lady for dance with all the respect.
Another thing we see in the movie is that women, respect the decisions that they made in the past. As in when “Helen” who got married to “Hal” due to situations, respected the fact that “Hal” was his husband for her entire life. She made in very clear to “Blaise” who she loved, that she would dedicatedly be “Hal” wife even though she did not love him. She also, told “Blaise” that they would have a very formal relation and “Blaise” stay out of her life. Although “Blaise” was the tough Alpha male, “Helen” was not afraid to tell her what she felt and push him out of her life.

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