Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The film Unforgiven released in the year 1992, can be looked up on as a revisionist film. We can see how the character of Morgan Freeman is treated with equality. We do not see any discrimination or racism in the movie. All the three characters are partners and have equal share in the price money. Although two of the partners are Whites and Freeman being black, we do not see any problems between them. They treat him equally , infact when the young Schofield Kid asks how would the price money be shared after the killing was done, Munny says that it should be equal or else he won’t help. If he wanted his help he had to include Ned (Freeman) in the partnership.
Also, talking about the Alpha male character of Clint Eastwood, we see some of the typical characteristics of the Alpha male and some of the hybrid qualities. We see that his character was one that went on killing other men, women and children just because he wanted to do it and thought it was right. On the other hand we also see the part, where he is a family man, and wants to take care of his children, educate them, so that he can give them a good life. He respects his wife and although she is dead, he is not able to get involved with any other women physically. His only purpose of life had become his children. He take up the job of killing those cowboys, who had cute the women so that he can get some reward money and use it for the better lifestyle of his children. We see two different faces of the cowboy in this movie.

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