Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good, Bad, Ugly/Navao Joe

In Navajo Joe, we see that the characters of the film are all extremely violent towards one another and towards their "enemies". The opening scene is a shocking one as the amount of violence and gore for that time period of film would be a very eye opening one. It is apparent from this film that Italian directors viewed American films and culture as a very "shoot first and ask questions later" society as they continue to portray Americans as animalistic creatures.
In the Good Bad and Ugly, Italian directors once again portray the American cowboys as savage and ruthless beasts. The cowboys throughout the film appear willing to kill anyone that crosses them in order to gain the reward at the end of the film. This also plays into the theme of the Capitalist and greedy Americans trying to gain more money and a larger share of the world economy. Essentially, Italian directors are portraying the Americans as ruthless and greedy creatures who will stop at nothing to make their money.


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