Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jane Tompkins states that “The blankness of the plains implies-without ever stating-that this is a field where a certain kind of mastery is possible, where a person (of a certain kind) can remain alone and complete and in control of himself, while controlling the external world trough physical strength and force of will.”

There are many instances when we can relate the above statement stated by Tompkins to the movie “Searcher”. In the movie there are several time when the Captain (Reven) and Ethan have different opinion and all the people with them follow the Captain, but Ethan is of the view that he does not need anyone along with him. Any time he is ready to go alone, he does not require anyone’s company. He always went on doing what he thought he should do and did not wait back just because someone was not coming along. Also, the physical that Tompkins talks about, is very well portrayed by Ethan whenever required. He is ready to fight if anyone comes in his way, at that time he sees no bonds. It is just himself and his goal

We can say that Ethan had attained the mastery that Tompkins is talking about that a person can remain alone and control his life.

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